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Filia Inowrocław
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Lisi Ogon k/Bydgoszczy

ul. Szczecińska 15-19

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Rolling Stock Service (Serwis Pojazdów Szynowych) is involved in the service of rolling stock in Poland. Many Polish carriers have trusted us, such as: Lower Silesian Railways, Warmian-Masurian Railways, WKD, and Przewozy Regionalne. We are opened for cooperation with other UE countries.  The company headquarters is located in Lisi Ogon in Szczecińska 15-19 street. We have a workshop in Inowrocław in Warsztatowa street. A modern workshop under construction is located in Bydgoszcz in Aleksandra Krzywca Street.  It has an area of ​​1 hectare.

We are a company that has been involved in overhauling, renovating and repairing rail vehicles for the largest transport companies in Poland.

Our current specialization is comprehensive inspections and repairs of Electric Multiple Units (EMU) and Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU). These reviews are offered in accordance with the Polish classification at levels P1 to P5, with:

P1 - scheduled checking activities performed before the vehicle leaves the line, while driving or after the course, supply of consumables, assessment of the main components and systems of the vehicle

P2 - scheduled checking activities performed without dismantling components during breaks in vehicle operation

P3 - maintenance operations performed at specialist control stations, excluding the vehicle from traffic, with partial disassembly of components, every 250,000 kilometers

P4 - maintenance activities in plants with technical facilities and measuring stations, including planned replacement or repair of components, every 500,000 kilometers,
8 times = 4 million kilometers to P5

P5 - vehicle renewal, including disassembly of components and replacement with new or refurbished ones.








Modern workshop under construction in Bydgoszcz